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Reasons to get Amazon Prime

In an SWS Vacation Survey about where and how frequent people shop online, almost 95% of them said they shop at Amazon and more than 60% of them said they shop online few times a month or maybe more.

Therefore, it seems like people are shopping from Amazon quiet often and they are missing out in the event they do not have Amazon Prime!

Amazon Prime is an excellent way of getting the best out of what Amazon is offering at a cheap price of $99 per year.

Here are the 4 Reasons why you need to get Amazon Prime

1. Free Two-Day Shipping

It seems like most people already shop Amazon. And in the event you do not, you should. The savings are tremendous and you also will find practically anything at the drop of a dime. Nevertheless, one reason some people choose not to is due to the shipping costs. Amazon removes that from the block with free two-day shipping. There’s absolutely no minimum on this feature, so it’s worth the cost of membership here. Purchase a $15 birthday gift here and a $10 DVD there. A handful of items over the span of a year and you’ve justified the yearly fee.

2. One-Day Shipping Upgrade

Let’s say the truth. There are times when an item is needed by you and you also want it fast – like 24 hours fast. With Amazon Prime, things got simple and easy. Simply upgrade your free two-day shipping to one-day shipping at the cost of $3.99. The one-day shipping upgrade without Prime goes for $9.95 or more depending on the item. You would agree that $3.99 is extremely reasonable to have the item at your doorstep the very next day. What is quiet funny is the fact that most folks are in need of this awesome feature than they care to admit.

3. Kindle Owner’s Lending Library

Do you love to own and read a Kindle? If so, you’ve got the choice to borrow books from the lending library as an Amazon Prime member. This means that you’ll save quite a bit of cash on entertainment and books at the same time. New York Times Bestsellers and a number of other quality choices can be found. It’s also possible for you to borrow one book from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. But, you need a Kindle to benefit from this perk.

4. Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom is a huge source of savings for parents of little children. Diapers, wet wipes, and other things get special discounts under this plan. It’s possible for you to save 20% on diapers, wipes and other baby things as an Amazon Mom member. In addition, they have Amazon Mom 20% sales off accessories and popular infant gear. Amazon Mom is incorporated into your Amazon Prime membership making it another reason why the plan would be worth the cash.

Now that this article has enlightened your about the benefits of Amazon Prime, you had better make a move to get on board now.

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