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5 Best Subscription Boxes for True Geeks

Every fan knows that geek swag can be expensive, but the world of representing your favorite fandom has become more accessible with the world of subscription-based boxes that bring a whole box of goodies to your door every month. However, where there once was only a few options to choose from, there are now hundreds. Whether geeks are looking to get the biggest bang of their buck or just looking for a box with a satisfying variety to fit their interests, there is a subscription box out there for them.


Price: $12 – $14

LootCrate is lauded as the original geeky subscription box, but it remains the most affordable subscription box with the most variety. LootCrate boxes come stuffed with everything and anything from t-shirts and beanies to vinyl figures and exclusive comic books. LootCrates have used a lot of different themes in the past such as “Villains,” “Adventure,” and “Horror,” but even after all this time they still find a way to keep things fresh.

Nerd Block

Price: $16 – $20

Eternal rival to LootCrate, Nerd Block sets itself apart from the herd by providing one of the largest subscription boxes available, a feat that is rendered particularly impressive as it keeps with the average price of other services. Often called “Comic Con in a Box,” each month users receive a custom t-shirt as well as around six other nerdy items. As well as changing monthly themes, subscribers can opt in for themed boxes like the Horror Box, Arcade Box, and Nerd Block Jr. for both aspiring girl and boy geeks.


Price: $49

Everyone loves a hero, and while comic and movie fans may get superhero swag with other subscriptions, HeroBox specializes in it every month. In each HeroBox, subscribers get everything from t-shirts and comic books to stickers and plushies. However, while the price is particularly steep, HeroBox makes up for it with choice. Subscribers can stick with the monthly mystery theme, or they can subscribe to their favorite superhero. For example, fans of Batman can get a box filled with Dark Knight-themed merchandise every month without being bogged down by stuff from all those other superzeroes.


Price: $16 – $20

For geeks that like to keep video game manuals and boxes on a shelf in pristine condition, or just loves games in general, then the IndieBox is the subscription service for them. The IndieBox is unique in its products, taking the Indie games that are typically only available in digital format and giving them a collector’s edition makeover. Every month, IndieBox subscribers get a box filled with Indie games that come with custom box art, original soundtracks, stickers, and posters.

Geek Fuel

Price: $14 – $18

Like many other subscription boxes, Geek Fuel’s monthly box comes with a mystery theme for each month, revealing the contents before shipping them out. However, while Geek Fuel has the usual goodies like t-shirts, magnets, toys, and other random swag, what makes it unique is that most boxes will also come with a game that can be fulfilled through Steam, a drinking glass or mug, and a geeky-themed snack. Any box that includes food is a great box.