Warby Parker is where you need to get your next pair of glasses

Warby Parker is where you need to get your next pair of glasses.jpg

They look good. They’re cheap. They’re socially conscious. They’re the coolest glasses on the block. Gracing the faces of those in-the-know since 2010, Warby Parker is revolutionizing the online and in-store eyewear industry.

By cutting out the middleman and selling their glasses directly to customers, Warby Parker can skip the retail markup to offer substantially lower prices than their less-cool competitors. And by designing them in-house, they have complete control over the look and feel. This freedom to think big means that if you want something bold, unique, and innovative, Warby Parker probably has what you’re looking for. They even sell unironic, no-joke, prescription monocles.

Warby Parker practices the type of “buy-one-give-one” philanthropy epitomized by TOMS, those ubiquitous slippers that dominated hipster footwear for several summers. Warby Parker’s model of corporate giving, however, stands to have a greater impact in the communities they serve, as well as being far more sustainable in the long-term. The company works with nonprofit partner VisionSpring to train locals to conduct eye exams and serve as eyewear stores, thus creating jobs and stimulating local economies.


Wearing my Warby Parker Glasses

If you have a Warby Parker shop near you, their stores are genuinely fun places to hang. They have photo booths, swanky book-lined walls, local art and photography, and they are known to host happening parties featuring the two best words in the English language: free food. Some stores even have professional photographers on staff; after they snap your pic, they’ll hook you up with both digital and printed copies … and it’s all on the house!

If you can’t make it into a retail location, Warby Parker will ship you five pairs of glasses to try out for five days for free. Wear them around, select the pair you would like to keep and buy them online, and then just pop the box back in the mail when you’re done. Could it be any easier?

Whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted, need reading glasses or prescription sunnies, or you’re just in the market for a monocle, Warby Parker has everything you need to be the coolest kid in school. Click here to view and order your Warby Parker glasses.

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