Need For Speed – One of the Best Racing Franchises of All Time

Need For Speed or popularly known as NFS, is a racing video game. The first game in the series, titled The Need For Speed, was released in the year 1994. Till now, the franchise has released around 26 installments of the game. All installments of the series consist of racing cars on different tracks. Several of the titles include police pursuits in races as well. NFS is the most successful racing video game in the world. More than 150 million copies of games in the series have been sold to date.


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Almost all of the games in the Need For Speed series has the same basic rules and similar mechanics. You control a race car in a variety of races. The goal is, of course, to win the race. In the career/tournament mode, you must win a series of races in order to unlock tracks and vehicles. You have the option to choose your car before each race. You also have the option to opt for manual or automatic transmission. NFS offers some form of multiplayer mode in almost all the installments. You can race another player via a split screen. You can race other players via LAN or Internet as well.

The tone and focus of each game in the series can vary significantly. For example, in some games, the cars may suffer visual and mechanical damage while in others, the cars do not get damaged at all.

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