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Live the Spy Life with Kaboom Keyboard

Live the Spy Life with Kaboom Keyboard.jpgWhether you are an international super spy that needs to send secure messages of great importance, or you just want a little more privacy in your life, the self-destructing message is the way to go to protect your communications. While apps like SnapChat let messages disappear after they are read, what about in all your other messaging apps?

Kaboom Keyboard, released on iOS on March 25th, allows a way to send encrypted text, photos, and videos in any messaging app, adding an extra layer of protection to any message.

Super spies simply need to type their message or select a photo normally in any messaging app, then select the Kaboom Keyboard. With the Kaboom Keyboard, users select the amount of time they want the message to exist (from days, hours, and even minutes), hit “Kaboom It,” and it will self-destruct after the allotted amount of time whether it has been read or not.

The Kaboom Keyboard will send the message in the form of a unique URL that message recipients will need to click in order to read the message. After the time has elapsed, the URL page will be deleted forever. Nothing stays on servers, and according to Kaboom Keyboard staff, not even they can access or retrieve the messages once the allotted time has expired. However, like with SnapChat, users can take a screenshot of the message and keep it forever, so spies will still need to be cautious on whom they can trust.

The app is available for free on the iOS store.