Socialize the Frugal Way to Spare Your Wallet Sorrow

Socialize the Frugal Way to Spare Your Wallet Sorrow.png

Do you have some financial goals but dread that feeling of “keeping up” with your friends as they seem to always choose the most expensive outing possible? Do you love to hang out with them but hate how your debit card balance looks after a day at an amusement park or a night out downtown at the hottest clubs? Well, dread no more! Freshen up your social life and give your wallet a break by taking an initiative to suggest one of these four frugal hangout alternatives.

1. Game Night

pexels-photo-84663.jpegNothing packs fun and saving money into one package like hosting a game night. Invite friends over after dinner so all you will need to provide are a few tasty beverages and snacks, which costs far less than a night out in the town. You can spend hours with your favorite board or card games and don’t have to worry about Ubering your way home at a certain hour.

2. Potluck Food Contest

A great way to get everyone together for a meal without breaking the bank is to take a fresh spin to the potluck. By putting a competition aspect to the event, your friends will show off their edible contributions. Everyone, in turn, spends a fun evening together by spending very little, yet everyone gets to eat like a king.

3. Happy Hour Finder


Saving money by socializing at home is fun, but getting out once in a while is still in order. The good news is that many restaurants have happy hours during the weekdays and late at night that save you money! These deals also pertain to appetizers and meals. Handy apps like Happy Hour Finder, the very app that Cosmopolitan magazine praised, connects you with all the best food and drink deals in your area. Going out doesn’t have to break the bank when you go at the right times.

4. Look Online for Free or Cheap Events

Your community hosts very cost-effective events if you keep your eyes peeled. Just take a quick trip to your city’s website. They usually have a calendar of events that are open to the public. You will be surprised to see how many free things are out there! Also, websites like Livingsocial and Groupon offer amazing deals for tickets and services. You can save up to 70% and beyond if you buy tickets in pairs which get you in the gates of a renaissance faire or in on a paint and sip night for a fraction of the original cost.

You don’t need to always dress up and go to a fancy restaurant to have a good time with friends. By replacing one of your outings with one of these frugal options, socializing will be friendlier on your finances.

A Magical Podcast That Will Slay You

I listen to a lot of podcasts that range to intelligent to down right shameful. Hello from the Magic Tavern is one of the dirtiest pleasures I have found in a long time. Each minute of hysterical commentary I pray that my headphones don’t become unplugged at work.

This podcast is set in a “fictional” world of Foon that is filled with elves, dwarves, wizards, and anything else you can imagine. The main character is called Arnie who fell through a magical dimensional portal behind a Burger King in Chicago. He then found himself in this magical world. He then figured he had wi-fi and started making a podcast with his new found friends in the tavern Vermilion Minotaur.

His co-hosts are a shape-shifter that can only change in the times of sexual pleasure and a wizard that just wants people to join his quest to defeat the Dark Lord. There are always common phrases that Arnie uses that make no sense there or  something really dirty here is a common innocent phrase. The childish humor of butt jokes and verbiage brings me back to a simpler time of my life and I love it.

If you love inappropriate humor, role-play(sexually or not), and fantasy world setting with deep plot then this is a show for you. Listen to it on iTunes or from the website here.