Products you need for summer camping this year

Products you need for summer camping this year.jpg

Love the outdoors but not sure what to pack? Camping might be overwhelming for beginners, having no clue what to pack, where to go or how to get the whole family in one place. It’s like herding cats sometimes when you want to get everyone out of the house, all going in different directions and forgetting alot of things! Here are some helpful Products you need for summer camping making it easy as 1,2,3!

Camping Checklist

Before any trip, the Camping Checklist is crucial to any camping fun. A checklist can easily be made in a spreadsheet. Each family member has their own list to pack. It’s super simple for everyone to help out!

Storage Containers

Ants, Deer, Bears oh my! Whether you tent camp or RV camp, containers are essential to any camp site. If you tent camp, use bins or containers to keep your food dry and away from animals. If you RV camp, containers keep your items organized and easy to transport from inside to out.

Rainy Day Fun

Rainy Days happen, even in the summer, sometimes ALL the time when camping.  Having an activity bag or bin can save the day! Games, Puzzles, books are must haves to keep little ones entertained.

First Aid

In the woods, on the beach, or just around the camp medical attention is always needed. From tiny scrapes and bumps to bee stings and small cuts. First Aid kits are very handy. You can easily make your own to include bandages, anti-bacterial creams and wipes or buy the ones already prepared from your local store.

Fun Foods

The best food to have is over the campfire, hands down. There’s nothing like an early morning breakfast with coffee, eggs and hickory smoked bacon over the fire. Or late evening giggles and stories with gooey yummy treats like s’mores or chocolate caramel filled marshmallows.

Have great fun ideas to share? Comment below and let us know. Have fun and camp on!