Reward Yourself With These 3 Unique Shopping Apps!

Reward Yourself With These 3 Unique Shopping Apps!.png

Did you know that you no longer have to rely just on the rewards programs linked to grocery store loyalty cards and points accrued through using a store-specific credit card? There’s a handful of ways that thrifty shoppers can save money and earn cash back just by continuing to buy the same things they do anytime they hit the store. The biggest problem with these rewards programs is that many people don’t know that they exist, and if they do, where to find them so they can benefit from using them.

Here are three great rewards programs that you can start using to save money and earn cash back today!

1. Ibotta

Ibotta (use my referral link)is a super cool app that you can download to your mobile device for cash back rewards on almost anything. Once you sign up and set your location, the app will search all the stores within a pre-determined radius for all cash back opportunities. You then search for items by keyword or store and begin unlocking your deals. When you’re done shopping, you go back to the app to verify your deals by scanning the barcodes of your purchases and uploading a photo of your receipt. The cash you receive appears in your account within 24 hours, and once you hit $20 in cash back, you can request payment via PayPal. The rewards add up quickly, especially if you’re shopping for a family.

2. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is another awesome cash back app that you can download to your mobile device. The idea is much the same as Ibotta in that you browse the cash back offers, save the ones you plan to use, buy those products from any store, then upload a photo of your receipt to redeem the cash back. After your account reaches $20 in savings, you can request payment.

3. Shopkick

Shopkick is a little different, but just as nifty in that you earn points (they call them “kicks”) just for walking through the doors of a store. Items featured in the app can be scanned to earn even more kicks. Make purchases with a card that you link with the app to earn yet even more kicks, and see just how quickly it racks up! It’s ridiculously easy to collect kicks, and you can redeem them for gift cards for just about all your favorite stores.

One of the greatest things about these apps is that they don’t cancel each other out. You can use each one simultaneously to earn all sorts of cash back, and they can be used on top of any coupons you choose to clip, as well as in-store sales. So, why not use ’em all? Reward yourself instead of kicking yourself next time you go shopping by giving these sweet apps a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose but great savings!

Why Waze is the greatest navigation App

Why Waze is a great navigation app to travel with.jpg

Waze is a navigation app available for Android and iOS users. Although most phones come equipped with a navigation feature, this app features a social element that will change your driving experience. Using real-time information, supplied by a community of users, the moment you enter a destination, Waze is hard at work to find you the best possible route. Since Waze uses real-time information, it can navigate you around a plethora of driving nightmares including construction slowdowns, traffic accidents and even speed traps.x6YzbWWRq2sRhAacMjnl_Bangkok Indra market

Waze will give you route options. This way you can choose to navigate around highways or toll roads if you prefer. While you travel, you will see other Waze users around you as icons on your map. Collectively you will report on a variety of road obstacles, including disabled vehicles on the shoulder, debris that has come off other vehicles, and animals in the road. A favorite feature of many users allows users to tag police officers in their various pursuits. Whether they are blind, hiding behind an overpass, pointing in a certain direction on the highway, or have someone pulled over, you’ll be alerted to their presence.


Users can report gas prices, and add pictures of their destination to help others find it later. Some users add information for businesses such as their hours of operation. This information, supplied to you by others, cuts down on the need for extra searches. The whole time you are traveling you are earning points for each mile traveled. Moving up the point charts allows you to unlock different icons, and see where you rank as a Waze user in your state. More credited users can help the Waze community by actively updating maps, they show changes that are happening with roads around you.


All of these features, and more, let you know why Waze is a great navigation app. This app allows you, and the community of users around you, to travel with ease because you always know what is in front of you. Together you outsmart traffic, getting everyone to their destination in timely manner. With Waze you can connect with your friends on Facebook and see how everyone else’s drive is going. This helps you to coordinate arrival times when meeting up with friends. With Waze you get informed and get social, other apps just don’t work this hard for you.

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