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Star Wars Activity Coloring Pages… For Free


I know how everyone is so happy about Star Wars. I sadly have only seen it once but you know that was probably the only movie I saw in theaters in 2015. I am pretty sure that everyone who wants to see it already has but still No Spoilers.

However Disney, being the family company they are, has created something for kids everyone (I have seen adult coloring books before) Free Star Wars: The Force Awakens Activity Pack. It’s full of coloring pages, activities and games. Do you like making your own door hanger, control panel and, bookmarks! And of course, it stars all the good and bad guys from the film.

While you are waiting for the new Star Wars to come out on dvd (or you are just sitting back waiting for the next showing) you can keep the ways of the Force in mind with these sheets.

Click the image below to open and then print a PDF file of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Activity Pack!