Video Game News/Reviews: Dark Souls III

Video Game News-Reviews- Dark Souls III.jpgBoasting about 30 hours of game play, Dark Souls III is basically par for the course when it comes to the Dark Souls brand. If you are a fan of the relatively difficult learning curve, the lush backgrounds and the epic boss fights, you will definitely feel at home here. When it comes to the basic tenets of Dark Souls, if it is not broken, don’t fix it.


However, there are enough good new features in Dark Souls III to keep even the most jaded players coming back for more. The featured game mechanic, the new weapon ability, give the player new ways to melee or crowd control with the slightly sped up combat. It seems that the developers listened to the critiques of players who felt that the first two Dark Souls were slightly defensive and slow. The action has definitely been sped up here to create a more manic atmosphere.

Graphics have not been upgraded drastically; you will notice some hiccups in the admittedly great backgrounds when the screen fills up with enemies. This is slightly disappointing considering that the base frame rate is 30 fps, not 60. However, the immersive plot of the game may keep you enticed even when the technical problems occur.


Photo from: Patrick Klepek

One of the biggest critiques of the Dark Souls III is that it too closely resembles last year’s breakthrough adventure game Bloodborne, with some of the enemy types seemingly lifted straight from that game. This is potentially frustrating if you are a hardcore fan of the genre as a whole.

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New Free PSN Game to Fall For

Spluncker isn’t a new game. The original came out in 1983 on the Atari. It has made a comeback on the PSN. 

Square Enix has just released a free-to-play version and it is a great time. I have been playing it for the past week and it has been fun. 

The solo play is okay but playing with others is the best. You can play up to 6 others and that is what really hooked me. 

This is no game of Mario though. You can’t just jump around or you will kill yourself… a lot. However, you have to jump off of all mechanisms that you might cross or you die. Lets just say you will die many many times and that is why you should play with others. 

Last note, don’t be a jerk and work as a team. I give this a 7 out of 10. 

Check out the video here.