Review: Pet Magasin Self-Heated Bed

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My dog, Mayday, isn’t a huge fan of new beds but she took a liking to this large Self-Heated Bed almost immediately. Once it was laid on the floor she automatically sat right on top of it claiming it as her own.

The Pet Magasin Self-Heated Bed is self heating by absorbing, holding and reflecting your Pet’s body heat right back at them with a thin layer of mylar film (the same insulator that is used in spacesuits). This will keep them nice and cozy during those cold nights of summer. The cover on top

The Pet Magasin Self-Heated Bed Large package comes with two mats is padded with a IMG_0911.jpgnice thick, soft and hypoallergenic foam that won’t go flat for years. Even the bottom has rubber studs so the bed stays put even when your pup runs there to get a T-R-E-A-T.

1 large (28.5″ x 34.5″) and 1 small (17″ x 11″). This bed can either be bought through Amazon (get that 2 day free shipping through Prime) or through and with the Coupon Code: 5F2WSQO4 you can get this bed for 30% off.

Get one for your pet or for a friend’s pet and you won’t be sorry. This is a great product by a great company whom primary concerns are that everything made is safe for pets and their owners,with a quality item that has a great value. The self heating bed by Pet Magasin gets two paws up.


New Fun Products for Dog-Loving Geeks

New Fun Products for Dog Loving Geeks.jpg

Whether you are out for a walk or playing at home, you want your pet to have the coolest accessories and toys. Here are three new fun products that geeky pet owners can use to spoil their pets!


Get you dog psyched out for space with the Space Rover Bandana! With a blue star-studded print, your pet will be the classiest one on the block. The pun will either make people laugh or roll their eyes, and either way that’s a win-win. Best of all, it fits all sized dogs so your pet can look good no matter what size they are.


When it’s time to eat, surprise your pooch with a binary food bowl. If your pet has a tendency to knock over the food dish, this bowl will prevent that from happening! This dish is sturdy enough to handle any sized dog. It features a “010101” binary code pattern so that you can relive the dream of having an artificial intelligence dog. All your geeky guests will be impressed when they see it!


Of course, what really makes a dog happy is having toys. So why not get them something you both will enjoy? The Star Wars X-Wing Fighter dog toy will leave the both of you having a blast. This detailed toy features plush laser cannons and proton torpedo launchers that your dog will have fun chewing on. Plus it’s got a rope toy hanging at the end of it so you two can have an epic tug-of-war!