Making a Binger

I watch a lot of Netflix. I watch some good shows and some really really terrible ones (Adam Sandler’s “The Ridiculous Six” being the best worst movie I’ve seen in a while). 

There is a new Netflix original that is really taking the world by storm. “Making a Murderer” is one of the greatest documentaries I have seen in some time. It opens up what the media would consider an open shut case to its bare bones. 

It all starts with a man named Steven Avery who was accused of a rape in his home town. They show how he was in and out of jail all his life but was getting it together. The police officers all thought he was the rapest even though the evidence pointed another man who had a history of this sort of activity. He then gets out of jail because of new DNA evidence and the cops are pissed that he then sues them for 38 million dollars. Yes, $38,000,000! To me that sounds about the right amount of money for being stripped of my freedom and dignity. 

A murder then happens and the cops come straight to knocking on his door. He had nothing to hide so he let them in and the rest goes from there. 

Like I have said it was an amazing documentary where I went back and forth with emotions of did he do it. I admit that I was down right hooked from the first episode. I’m not proud to say it (yes I am)but I finished that show in 2 days. My last thought is he didn’t do it. All the evidence brought forth shows that to my belief but what do you think?