4 Reasons Audible Should Be Your New Book Provider

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It wasn’t so long ago that audio books shipped out in big bulky sets of a dozen cassette tapes, but those days are, thankfully, long gone. Today even casual readers can enjoy a book at the gym while doing dead lifts or sitting in traffic thanks to Audible. While Audible certainly isn’t the only provider of audio books, it certainly is the most preferred. However, its popularity didn’t come without some good reasons.
Why do readers prefer Audible?

A Stable Price
On some other services, like iTunes, readers can find older audio books for a relatively cheap price. However, when they start moving into even relatively new books, the price skyrockets dramatically. With Audible, audio book lovers don’t have to worry if the book they are after is going to cost a small fortune.


There are over 180,000 audio books on Audible, the largest collection that readers will find in one place anywhere on the internet. No matter whether you are into niche topics like alternate history sci-fi or just want to do a little personal growth while you do the laundry, Audible’s selection has you covered.

Accessibility on Any Device
When readers join up for Audible, they will be asked to easily download the Audible Manager software. This software keeps track of all the books they have downloaded, but it is also used to transfer them over to your device of choice. Smartphone, tablet, iPod, or computer – no matter where you like to play your audio books from, Audible can get them there without any hassle.

Accommodating Membership Plans
Readers can go to Audible right now and buy an audio book that they want, but for those who believe in getting the most bang for their buck should look into the service’s array of membership plans. There is one to fit even the most prolific audio book listener. Through membership plans, readers are given credits either in bulk or a month-by-month basis. Each credit equals a book. Many membership plans also feature rollover credits in case you just didn’t have the time to read as much as you expected. However, if it has been a very boring year and find that your audio book time has ranged beyond the credits available, Audible membership subscribers also get a handy discount on additional audio book purchases.


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Reasons to get Amazon Prime

In an SWS Vacation Survey about where and how frequent people shop online, almost 95% of them said they shop at Amazon and more than 60% of them said they shop online few times a month or maybe more.

Therefore, it seems like people are shopping from Amazon quiet often and they are missing out in the event they do not have Amazon Prime!

Amazon Prime is an excellent way of getting the best out of what Amazon is offering at a cheap price of $99 per year.

Here are the 4 Reasons why you need to get Amazon Prime

1. Free Two-Day Shipping

It seems like most people already shop Amazon. And in the event you do not, you should. The savings are tremendous and you also will find practically anything at the drop of a dime. Nevertheless, one reason some people choose not to is due to the shipping costs. Amazon removes that from the block with free two-day shipping. There’s absolutely no minimum on this feature, so it’s worth the cost of membership here. Purchase a $15 birthday gift here and a $10 DVD there. A handful of items over the span of a year and you’ve justified the yearly fee.

2. One-Day Shipping Upgrade

Let’s say the truth. There are times when an item is needed by you and you also want it fast – like 24 hours fast. With Amazon Prime, things got simple and easy. Simply upgrade your free two-day shipping to one-day shipping at the cost of $3.99. The one-day shipping upgrade without Prime goes for $9.95 or more depending on the item. You would agree that $3.99 is extremely reasonable to have the item at your doorstep the very next day. What is quiet funny is the fact that most folks are in need of this awesome feature than they care to admit.

3. Kindle Owner’s Lending Library

Do you love to own and read a Kindle? If so, you’ve got the choice to borrow books from the lending library as an Amazon Prime member. This means that you’ll save quite a bit of cash on entertainment and books at the same time. New York Times Bestsellers and a number of other quality choices can be found. It’s also possible for you to borrow one book from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. But, you need a Kindle to benefit from this perk.

4. Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom is a huge source of savings for parents of little children. Diapers, wet wipes, and other things get special discounts under this plan. It’s possible for you to save 20% on diapers, wipes and other baby things as an Amazon Mom member. In addition, they have Amazon Mom 20% sales off accessories and popular infant gear. Amazon Mom is incorporated into your Amazon Prime membership making it another reason why the plan would be worth the cash.

Now that this article has enlightened your about the benefits of Amazon Prime, you had better make a move to get on board now.

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Need For Speed – One of the Best Racing Franchises of All Time

Need For Speed or popularly known as NFS, is a racing video game. The first game in the series, titled The Need For Speed, was released in the year 1994. Till now, the franchise has released around 26 installments of the game. All installments of the series consist of racing cars on different tracks. Several of the titles include police pursuits in races as well. NFS is the most successful racing video game in the world. More than 150 million copies of games in the series have been sold to date.


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Almost all of the games in the Need For Speed series has the same basic rules and similar mechanics. You control a race car in a variety of races. The goal is, of course, to win the race. In the career/tournament mode, you must win a series of races in order to unlock tracks and vehicles. You have the option to choose your car before each race. You also have the option to opt for manual or automatic transmission. NFS offers some form of multiplayer mode in almost all the installments. You can race another player via a split screen. You can race other players via LAN or Internet as well.

The tone and focus of each game in the series can vary significantly. For example, in some games, the cars may suffer visual and mechanical damage while in others, the cars do not get damaged at all.

Check out the the NFS series on Need for Speed – PC