Podcast Lore: Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction

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Chances are, you grew up on some folklore: whether local, like the legend of the haunted house down the street, a sign of the times, like bogeyman stories, or a story related to your ethnic/racial heritage that traveled by oral tradition through your family to your ears. A cross-cultural phenomenon of humans all over the globe is to explain unusual phenomenon through story. With memory being the fickle and easily altered thing it is, stories easily become embellished, evolving into legend. Which brings us to… Lore.


Aaron Mahnke, the mind (and voice) behind Lore podcast identifies as a supernatural nerd. He brings academic rigor to his insatiable curiosity, and the result is a podcast that is as well-researched as it is unusual and creepy. Lore looks for the truth behind the legend to the stories that haunt us.

Some myths are born by humans seeking meaning in times of tragedy, sometimes leading folklore to emerge about the possible haunted nature of specific locations, sometimes driving plagues of fear and panic, in which a belief in the supernatural results in a toll on very real human lives. Other times, no folklore is required for a series of circumstances to result in a very creepy, very real, bizarre style of crime.

Our cultural fascination with supernatural horror, and real crime procedurals and drama, makes Lore a perfect podcast for the times. It takes a critical eye unveiling the truth behind supernatural mysteries, often revealing it’s tagline to be true: Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.


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