Month: June 2016

Warby Parker is where you need to get your next pair of glasses

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They look good. They’re cheap. They’re socially conscious. They’re the coolest glasses on the block. Gracing the faces of those in-the-know since 2010, Warby Parker is revolutionizing the online and in-store eyewear industry.

By cutting out the middleman and selling their glasses directly to customers, Warby Parker can skip the retail markup to offer substantially lower prices than their less-cool competitors. And by designing them in-house, they have complete control over the look and feel. This freedom to think big means that if you want something bold, unique, and innovative, Warby Parker probably has what you’re looking for. They even sell unironic, no-joke, prescription monocles.

Warby Parker practices the type of “buy-one-give-one” philanthropy epitomized by TOMS, those ubiquitous slippers that dominated hipster footwear for several summers. Warby Parker’s model of corporate giving, however, stands to have a greater impact in the communities they serve, as well as being far more sustainable in the long-term. The company works with nonprofit partner VisionSpring to train locals to conduct eye exams and serve as eyewear stores, thus creating jobs and stimulating local economies.


Wearing my Warby Parker Glasses

If you have a Warby Parker shop near you, their stores are genuinely fun places to hang. They have photo booths, swanky book-lined walls, local art and photography, and they are known to host happening parties featuring the two best words in the English language: free food. Some stores even have professional photographers on staff; after they snap your pic, they’ll hook you up with both digital and printed copies … and it’s all on the house!

If you can’t make it into a retail location, Warby Parker will ship you five pairs of glasses to try out for five days for free. Wear them around, select the pair you would like to keep and buy them online, and then just pop the box back in the mail when you’re done. Could it be any easier?

Whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted, need reading glasses or prescription sunnies, or you’re just in the market for a monocle, Warby Parker has everything you need to be the coolest kid in school. Click here to view and order your Warby Parker glasses.

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3 Delicious Rewards Programs for Your Foodie Needs

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As much as anyone would love a good home-cooked meal, eating out and ordering fast food has become increasingly popular. Wouldn’t it be nice to get more for your hard-earned money? We think so, and that is why we have found 3 rewards programs that will make your wallet happy.

Papa Rewards: Do you like Papa John’s or pizza in general? If so, then this is the rewards program for you! Their motto is “Order. Eat. Earn. Repeat,” which is literally you get to do. Basically, you create an account and enroll in Papa Rewards. Afterwards, you will earn 1 point for every $5 you spend when you order online. For 10 points, you can get a chocolate chip cookie, cheese sticks, or garlic knots. For 20-30 points, you can get a free large pizza.

Piece of the Pie Rewards: Yes, another pizza rewards program. This time it is by none other than Domino’s! Similar to Papa Rewards, you will have to create an account and enroll in their reward program. Every online order of $10 or more will earn you 10 points (only one order per calendar day can earn points). Once you earn 60 points, you can redeem them for a free medium 2-topping pizza.

Subway Rewards: Subway Rewards requires you to get a Subway Card and to load money on it. Each time you swipe your card in-store, you will earn 1 point per $1 spent. You will even get 25 free points just for signing up, and you can opt in to receive a free birthday goody along with bonus offers. You can redeem your points for a variety of treats, such as a cookie, chips, drinks, or even subs. Not bad, right?

Tell me about the reward programs you use.

Why Waze is the greatest navigation App

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Waze is a navigation app available for Android and iOS users. Although most phones come equipped with a navigation feature, this app features a social element that will change your driving experience. Using real-time information, supplied by a community of users, the moment you enter a destination, Waze is hard at work to find you the best possible route. Since Waze uses real-time information, it can navigate you around a plethora of driving nightmares including construction slowdowns, traffic accidents and even speed traps.x6YzbWWRq2sRhAacMjnl_Bangkok Indra market

Waze will give you route options. This way you can choose to navigate around highways or toll roads if you prefer. While you travel, you will see other Waze users around you as icons on your map. Collectively you will report on a variety of road obstacles, including disabled vehicles on the shoulder, debris that has come off other vehicles, and animals in the road. A favorite feature of many users allows users to tag police officers in their various pursuits. Whether they are blind, hiding behind an overpass, pointing in a certain direction on the highway, or have someone pulled over, you’ll be alerted to their presence.


Users can report gas prices, and add pictures of their destination to help others find it later. Some users add information for businesses such as their hours of operation. This information, supplied to you by others, cuts down on the need for extra searches. The whole time you are traveling you are earning points for each mile traveled. Moving up the point charts allows you to unlock different icons, and see where you rank as a Waze user in your state. More credited users can help the Waze community by actively updating maps, they show changes that are happening with roads around you.


All of these features, and more, let you know why Waze is a great navigation app. This app allows you, and the community of users around you, to travel with ease because you always know what is in front of you. Together you outsmart traffic, getting everyone to their destination in timely manner. With Waze you can connect with your friends on Facebook and see how everyone else’s drive is going. This helps you to coordinate arrival times when meeting up with friends. With Waze you get informed and get social, other apps just don’t work this hard for you.

Get the app Here!

Frugal Starbucks: How to Drink Expensive Coffee For Less

You have to admit it, you are guilty of the occasional trip to Starbucks. Some consider Starbucks the “fast food of coffee” and only visit when local options aren’t available; others use Starbucks as a special treat and only visit on occasion; and still more Americans visit Starbucks multiple times a week in order to grab their morning coffee or an afternoon pick-me-up.

However you view this coffee chain, the fact is that it’s expensive. $5 for a drink is a little ridiculous, yet people pay it every day. Did you know you could be keeping as much as half of that money in your pocket? Here are some tried-and-true ways to save a buck at Starbucks.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee at Starbucks is tasty, frugal, and a perfect replacement for iced lattes. Order your iced coffee with your favorite syrup (5 pumps for tall, 6 for grande, and 7 for venti) and cream for a beverage that so closely resembles your usual iced latte you’ll hardly be able to taste a difference. 

Split Drinks

A hot venti cup at Starbucks holds about 20 oz, while a cold venti cup holds 24 oz. Meanwhile, a tall cup holds about 12 oz. One venti drink is nearly always cheaper than two talls. By ordering a venti beverage and splitting it between two people, you will both be getting the equivalent of a tall coffee drink without the tall price tag.

Don’t have an extra cup? Just ask for one! Most baristas are happy to help. If this makes you uncomfortable, order a tall water, drink the water and use the empty cup to split the drink. 

Skip the Ice, Cream, or Whip

Ice, cream, and whipped cream all take up valuable real estate in your cup. By asking not to have these items you will receive more of the actual drink you are after. Skipping the cream obviously only works when it comes to coffee and iced coffee, and asking for no ice will only work for cold beverages. If you must have cream or ice, you can ask for a bigger cup and add them after the fact. A cup of ice is free at most Starbucks stores, and the condiment bar always has half-and-half and milk options available.

By following these tips, you will have your Starbucks fix as well as more bucks to spend elsewhere. 

Products you need for summer camping this year

Products you need for summer camping this year.jpg

Love the outdoors but not sure what to pack? Camping might be overwhelming for beginners, having no clue what to pack, where to go or how to get the whole family in one place. It’s like herding cats sometimes when you want to get everyone out of the house, all going in different directions and forgetting alot of things! Here are some helpful Products you need for summer camping making it easy as 1,2,3!

Camping Checklist

Before any trip, the Camping Checklist is crucial to any camping fun. A checklist can easily be made in a spreadsheet. Each family member has their own list to pack. It’s super simple for everyone to help out!

Storage Containers

Ants, Deer, Bears oh my! Whether you tent camp or RV camp, containers are essential to any camp site. If you tent camp, use bins or containers to keep your food dry and away from animals. If you RV camp, containers keep your items organized and easy to transport from inside to out.

Rainy Day Fun

Rainy Days happen, even in the summer, sometimes ALL the time when camping.  Having an activity bag or bin can save the day! Games, Puzzles, books are must haves to keep little ones entertained.

First Aid

In the woods, on the beach, or just around the camp medical attention is always needed. From tiny scrapes and bumps to bee stings and small cuts. First Aid kits are very handy. You can easily make your own to include bandages, anti-bacterial creams and wipes or buy the ones already prepared from your local store.

Fun Foods

The best food to have is over the campfire, hands down. There’s nothing like an early morning breakfast with coffee, eggs and hickory smoked bacon over the fire. Or late evening giggles and stories with gooey yummy treats like s’mores or chocolate caramel filled marshmallows.

Have great fun ideas to share? Comment below and let us know. Have fun and camp on!

How to Change Spending Habits into Saving Habits

Saving money and living a more frugal life isn’t so much about how well you can budget, it is about changing your habits. You can set up the most solid budget in the world and still find that your bank account is leaking money due to your everyday spending habits. By changing these spending habits, little by little each day, even the most compulsive shopper can find that living frugally becomes second nature.

Analyze Your Life

One of the best ways to start a frugal life is to start adding up all those small expenses. If you stop at Starbucks maybe once or twice a week, that’s about $15-$20 dollars. A daily trip to the vending machine could be another $10 a week. This may sound like chump change on a week-by-week basis, but it adds up on a monthly or even yearly scale. Sometimes all it takes is to do the math to discover that you really do have a spending habit.

Tackle One Habit at a Time

Say it’s the beginning of the month after hammering out your new frugal life. You’re all gung-ho and want to start saving money by bringing your own work lunches, making your own coffee, avoiding the vending machine that accepts credit cards, and no longer taking hour-long showers. There is no possible way that you won’t save money with all that, right? Well, that’s true, right up until you get burned out from trying to drastically quit everything you love.

Some things just make you happy, but by taking everything that you are used to out of your life at the same time, you will break quickly. Focus on one bad spending habit at a time, and you will find the adjustment period is much more bearable.

Replace Triggers With Positive Habits

After a bad day at work, your first impulse may be to go do a little shopping to cheer yourself up. Work can be a serious trigger for many people to go out and try to buy their way into feeling better. However, instead of spending some serious cash, instead try to find a positive action that could replace all those spending triggers. Perhaps spend some time on a hobby, exercise, or go meet up with a friend. The positive action doesn’t need completely free at first either, so long as you are spending less than you otherwise would out shopping.