Month: April 2016

Live the Spy Life with Kaboom Keyboard

Live the Spy Life with Kaboom Keyboard.jpgWhether you are an international super spy that needs to send secure messages of great importance, or you just want a little more privacy in your life, the self-destructing message is the way to go to protect your communications. While apps like SnapChat let messages disappear after they are read, what about in all your other messaging apps?

Kaboom Keyboard, released on iOS on March 25th, allows a way to send encrypted text, photos, and videos in any messaging app, adding an extra layer of protection to any message.

Super spies simply need to type their message or select a photo normally in any messaging app, then select the Kaboom Keyboard. With the Kaboom Keyboard, users select the amount of time they want the message to exist (from days, hours, and even minutes), hit “Kaboom It,” and it will self-destruct after the allotted amount of time whether it has been read or not.

The Kaboom Keyboard will send the message in the form of a unique URL that message recipients will need to click in order to read the message. After the time has elapsed, the URL page will be deleted forever. Nothing stays on servers, and according to Kaboom Keyboard staff, not even they can access or retrieve the messages once the allotted time has expired. However, like with SnapChat, users can take a screenshot of the message and keep it forever, so spies will still need to be cautious on whom they can trust.

The app is available for free on the iOS store.


I know I’m not the only one out there who cannot wait for Game of Thrones to come back on April 24th. I love the show and I’ve read all the books, so I’m kind of a Game of Thrones nerd. One of my favorite things about the upcoming season is the Game of Thrones Freebie Deal that TopCashback is offering to celebrate the return of Game of Thrones!

From April 20th until April 25th, TopCashback is giving away free “Funko Game of Thrones Mystery Minis Blind Box Figure” to kick off season six. This deal is for new members only.

Game of Thrones Freebie Deal
How do you get this great deal? There are just a few steps:

1. Click here and sign up to become a new member.
2. Once signed up it will take you to the Hot Topic merchant page created especially for this deal.
3. Click the “Get Offer” button
4. You will then be sent directly to the product.
5. Buy the product as you would normally and it will then be tracked back to your TopCashback account
6. You will get your cash back within 14 days or less.

BONUS: The cash back should cover the price of the item, tax, and shipping. However, Hot Topic does provide free in store pick up which means you can pocket the shipping fee.

What better way to celebrate Game of Thrones coming back than an awesome freebie? Don’t forget that this is a limited time offer so make sure you grab it before April 24th!

Who do you want to see die in this next season? Let me know in the comments!

5 Best Subscription Boxes for True Geeks

Every fan knows that geek swag can be expensive, but the world of representing your favorite fandom has become more accessible with the world of subscription-based boxes that bring a whole box of goodies to your door every month. However, where there once was only a few options to choose from, there are now hundreds. Whether geeks are looking to get the biggest bang of their buck or just looking for a box with a satisfying variety to fit their interests, there is a subscription box out there for them.


Price: $12 – $14

LootCrate is lauded as the original geeky subscription box, but it remains the most affordable subscription box with the most variety. LootCrate boxes come stuffed with everything and anything from t-shirts and beanies to vinyl figures and exclusive comic books. LootCrates have used a lot of different themes in the past such as “Villains,” “Adventure,” and “Horror,” but even after all this time they still find a way to keep things fresh.

Nerd Block

Price: $16 – $20

Eternal rival to LootCrate, Nerd Block sets itself apart from the herd by providing one of the largest subscription boxes available, a feat that is rendered particularly impressive as it keeps with the average price of other services. Often called “Comic Con in a Box,” each month users receive a custom t-shirt as well as around six other nerdy items. As well as changing monthly themes, subscribers can opt in for themed boxes like the Horror Box, Arcade Box, and Nerd Block Jr. for both aspiring girl and boy geeks.


Price: $49

Everyone loves a hero, and while comic and movie fans may get superhero swag with other subscriptions, HeroBox specializes in it every month. In each HeroBox, subscribers get everything from t-shirts and comic books to stickers and plushies. However, while the price is particularly steep, HeroBox makes up for it with choice. Subscribers can stick with the monthly mystery theme, or they can subscribe to their favorite superhero. For example, fans of Batman can get a box filled with Dark Knight-themed merchandise every month without being bogged down by stuff from all those other superzeroes.


Price: $16 – $20

For geeks that like to keep video game manuals and boxes on a shelf in pristine condition, or just loves games in general, then the IndieBox is the subscription service for them. The IndieBox is unique in its products, taking the Indie games that are typically only available in digital format and giving them a collector’s edition makeover. Every month, IndieBox subscribers get a box filled with Indie games that come with custom box art, original soundtracks, stickers, and posters.

Geek Fuel

Price: $14 – $18

Like many other subscription boxes, Geek Fuel’s monthly box comes with a mystery theme for each month, revealing the contents before shipping them out. However, while Geek Fuel has the usual goodies like t-shirts, magnets, toys, and other random swag, what makes it unique is that most boxes will also come with a game that can be fulfilled through Steam, a drinking glass or mug, and a geeky-themed snack. Any box that includes food is a great box.

Free Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD/Blu-ray After Cashback


Okay, so maybe Han Solo was speaking about some mystical energy out there in the universe but it holds true for this here amazing freebie offer!


Thanks to a special promotion with, all new members can get a Free Star Wars: The Force Awakens on DVD/Blu-ray combo after cashback!

It may sound like some Sith ploy or Jedi Mind Trick, but it’s not. It’s 100% legit! Just make sure you follow the directions below.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Click here to sign up to as a new member. It’s totally free! (You should see my member name: JonBird87)

Step 2: After joining, go to the Star Wars DVD offer page where you can click the pink GET CASHBACK NOW button.

Step 3: At Walmart, buy the Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD) combo for  $19.96 and select In-Store Pick Up.  Important note: Do not add anything else to your order. Only order 1 copy of the Star Wars Blu-ray/DVD and nothing else, or else the deal won’t be valid.

Step 4: Within 21 days, $22 will become payable in your TopCashback account. (See, TopCashback even covers tax!)

Note that this offer is ONLY available for New Members to, and it’s valid through April 10, 2016 at 11:59pm PT.

4 Reasons Audible Should Be Your New Book Provider

This post may have some affiliate links4 Reasons Audible Should Be Your New Book Provider

It wasn’t so long ago that audio books shipped out in big bulky sets of a dozen cassette tapes, but those days are, thankfully, long gone. Today even casual readers can enjoy a book at the gym while doing dead lifts or sitting in traffic thanks to Audible. While Audible certainly isn’t the only provider of audio books, it certainly is the most preferred. However, its popularity didn’t come without some good reasons.
Why do readers prefer Audible?

A Stable Price
On some other services, like iTunes, readers can find older audio books for a relatively cheap price. However, when they start moving into even relatively new books, the price skyrockets dramatically. With Audible, audio book lovers don’t have to worry if the book they are after is going to cost a small fortune.


There are over 180,000 audio books on Audible, the largest collection that readers will find in one place anywhere on the internet. No matter whether you are into niche topics like alternate history sci-fi or just want to do a little personal growth while you do the laundry, Audible’s selection has you covered.

Accessibility on Any Device
When readers join up for Audible, they will be asked to easily download the Audible Manager software. This software keeps track of all the books they have downloaded, but it is also used to transfer them over to your device of choice. Smartphone, tablet, iPod, or computer – no matter where you like to play your audio books from, Audible can get them there without any hassle.

Accommodating Membership Plans
Readers can go to Audible right now and buy an audio book that they want, but for those who believe in getting the most bang for their buck should look into the service’s array of membership plans. There is one to fit even the most prolific audio book listener. Through membership plans, readers are given credits either in bulk or a month-by-month basis. Each credit equals a book. Many membership plans also feature rollover credits in case you just didn’t have the time to read as much as you expected. However, if it has been a very boring year and find that your audio book time has ranged beyond the credits available, Audible membership subscribers also get a handy discount on additional audio book purchases.


Click Here to Join

E-coupons are better than coupon clipping

For those who found that the majority of their sales are to people who shop online, it is ideal you improve your online reward system. However, if a larger portion of your business is conducted in person, then an in-store reward system may be the way to go. Luckily, there is flexibility in your decision making, with respect to the requirements your business as well as the setup of your merchant processor.
Clipping coupons is a regular task for people who are often looking for new deals. Together with the development of digital cash-saving programs, like print- at-home and cashback apps, more and more of the people are simply turning to using coupons to cut costs on their shopping.
According to studies, it is forecasted that there will be tremendous growth in the number of mobile coupon users. But, the question now is: what will be the reason for this growth and what does it means for cash-savers?
Customer expectations and technological improvements are the drivers of this trend. The growth of cash-savers in the world has continued to grow for the past couple of years. Nine out of 10 of us ‘believe it is great to be frugal’ and two thirds of shoppers won’t make a purchase before looking for a discount online.
What impact will digital coupons make on cash-savers?
It’s projected that coupons worth $350 Billion are printed on a yearly basis and nearly 99% of them were never redeemed.
The most probable reasons for this are unwanted and forgotten scrap of papers.
It’s a gigantic shame to realize why these savings are not utilized, but the growth in digital redemption would support reducing these figures.
In America, where this technology is broadly used, mobile coupons have a 10% redemption rate – which implies that more individuals are saving.
Ease-of-use, audience accessibility, and fraud detection are a number of the key ways those involved are benefiting. The progress in technological advancement has made couponing more accessible and lots of brands release coupons.
Other good benefits of digital coupons are that you wouldn’t forget to always take them with you and you wouldn’t have to travel to as-many stores or supermarkets to redeem your as-many coupons.
However, technology continues to be a concern for a number of shoppers like 68 year old grandmother of seven, Natalia Hunt, who said: “I’d still favor the paper ones, better to organize. It is simple and fast to make use of them. So, why change that?”

Reasons to get Amazon Prime

In an SWS Vacation Survey about where and how frequent people shop online, almost 95% of them said they shop at Amazon and more than 60% of them said they shop online few times a month or maybe more.

Therefore, it seems like people are shopping from Amazon quiet often and they are missing out in the event they do not have Amazon Prime!

Amazon Prime is an excellent way of getting the best out of what Amazon is offering at a cheap price of $99 per year.

Here are the 4 Reasons why you need to get Amazon Prime

1. Free Two-Day Shipping

It seems like most people already shop Amazon. And in the event you do not, you should. The savings are tremendous and you also will find practically anything at the drop of a dime. Nevertheless, one reason some people choose not to is due to the shipping costs. Amazon removes that from the block with free two-day shipping. There’s absolutely no minimum on this feature, so it’s worth the cost of membership here. Purchase a $15 birthday gift here and a $10 DVD there. A handful of items over the span of a year and you’ve justified the yearly fee.

2. One-Day Shipping Upgrade

Let’s say the truth. There are times when an item is needed by you and you also want it fast – like 24 hours fast. With Amazon Prime, things got simple and easy. Simply upgrade your free two-day shipping to one-day shipping at the cost of $3.99. The one-day shipping upgrade without Prime goes for $9.95 or more depending on the item. You would agree that $3.99 is extremely reasonable to have the item at your doorstep the very next day. What is quiet funny is the fact that most folks are in need of this awesome feature than they care to admit.

3. Kindle Owner’s Lending Library

Do you love to own and read a Kindle? If so, you’ve got the choice to borrow books from the lending library as an Amazon Prime member. This means that you’ll save quite a bit of cash on entertainment and books at the same time. New York Times Bestsellers and a number of other quality choices can be found. It’s also possible for you to borrow one book from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. But, you need a Kindle to benefit from this perk.

4. Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom is a huge source of savings for parents of little children. Diapers, wet wipes, and other things get special discounts under this plan. It’s possible for you to save 20% on diapers, wipes and other baby things as an Amazon Mom member. In addition, they have Amazon Mom 20% sales off accessories and popular infant gear. Amazon Mom is incorporated into your Amazon Prime membership making it another reason why the plan would be worth the cash.

Now that this article has enlightened your about the benefits of Amazon Prime, you had better make a move to get on board now.

Click here to join Prime!


Be Frugal AND Brilliant

 Everyone shops for groceries, right? And most of us have to purchase gasoline, and we like to go out once in a while. Let’s not even get started on online shopping. Why not make some of your money back — without having to do anything extra but take a picture?

If you’ve got a smart phone, you’re in luck: there are quite a few apps around, dying to know what you’re buying, and from where. All of these apps are free (though some require you to register with an email address). You get points which turn into credit at stores like Amazon, or money in your PayPal! Here’s a list of some of the easiest to use, and how they work!

National Consumer Panel (NCP)

NCP is an extensive survey company which likes to know who’s buying what and from where. If you’re accepted into their free program, you simply choose the store you went to and scan all the bar codes. At the end, you confirm who shopped and your total bill, and submit! You accrue points over time which can be cashed in for Amazon dollars or money in your pocket.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a super-quick app which gives you coins for “feeding the pig” snaps, or photos, of your receipts. They accept paper receipts from grocery and department stores, gas stations, restaurants, and for services like haircuts. Like most of the apps on this list, Receipt Hog will also enter you in extra giveaways.

Receipt Pal

Another speedy snap app, Receipt Pal is quite similar to Receipt Hog except they accept online receipts – you just forward your email receipt to them, and they link it to your account. They also will take receipts from all the same types of vendors as Receipt Hog.


For online shoppers, TCB is arguably the best way to go! You have a free account which allows you to shop online at thousands of stores. Simply use the app as your hub, or shop the same way from their website. Percentages of your purchase get credited back to you, and you can cash out your account whenever you want. TCB tends to have the highest percentage of cash back, and also has grocery offers! And, like all of the apps on this list, it’s completely free to have an account!


If you shop online, eBates is another great option. Simply create a free account in the eBates app (or on their website) and look at the stores. Practically any store you can think of, including Etsy and the Apple App Store, is listed! When you’re ready to shop, just use the eBates link to that store — essentially you go to the store’s website through eBates, and you earn cash back. Places like Target and Wal-mart have low percentages like 1-2%, but other stores have 15% back or more!

If you’re particularly savvy, you can start to see how you can use one receipt with multiple apps. For example, you go to the store for bread and snap the receipt for Receipt Hog and Receipt Pal, and then scan the bread for NCP. Likewise, you can do an online purchase through eBates and then send your email receipt to Receipt Pal, and scan it via NCP when you get it!

Let’s face it: you have to spend money sometimes. If it’s something you’re going to buy anyway, why not make some of that money back? That’s the way to be frugal AND brilliant.